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An Epoxy is a co polymer formed from two different chemicals termed as “Resins” and “Hardeners”. When these are reacted together, by the principle of thermosetting it solidifies to a rigid and strong polymer with adhesive property. This property of the material is used to coat concrete and cementious substrates and thus forms a protective layer for concrete floorings. It is mainly done on Industrial floors, as concrete floors in Industries are subject to severe stress factors, aberrations and spillages like oil and chemicals which reduces the durability of Concrete floors and result in early degradation and damages. An Epoxy Coating or Flooring is done on such floors to protect the floor from damages and early degradation. It also makes the workspace safe and bright.

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We use standard products; formulated and success proved techniques for our applications. Specially trained skilled technicians are assets of our company
All processes and Products Comply with International standards.

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